Against a purple background, the 17 inch Barbie known as Endless Hair Kingdom (Dreamtopia) Barbie models a sleeveless felt crop top and a glittery holiday skirt, all in red.

Free #doll clothes #patterns for 17-inch #dolls @

My regular followers will recognize this as one of the outfits I designed and posted around Christmas time, but did you know the new Endless Hair Princess 17″ Barbie doll can wear this outfit as well as my Tonner doll? Here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit shown above: Free printable doll clothes pattern for simple felt sleeveless shirt Tutorial … Continue reading Free #doll clothes #patterns for 17-inch #dolls @

Use’s FREE printable #sewing #patterns for making #dolls’ clothes

I designed this outfit for 16 inch fashion dolls a while back, but to my excitement, I then discovered it also fit my 17″ FibreCraft doll! I still need to include links to the patterns and tutorials that will help you make this outfit. So here you go: Here’s the free printable sewing pattern for the shirt Here’s the tutorial showing you how to make … Continue reading Use’s FREE printable #sewing #patterns for making #dolls’ clothes