This image is a lined paper pattern for the basic bodice shape designed to fit 28-inch dolls like the new 28-inch Barbie, also called Just Play Barbie or Barbie Fashion Friend. Along with this free printable doll clothes pattern, there's a youtube tutorial video showing how to make this very basic shirt from felt. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, and it is watermarked with, the website where it was first posted. If you choose to use this pattern, please honor its creative commons attribution mark by letting others know where you found this pattern. The pattern is free, printable, and very easy to make, suitable for beginners and those who are new to sewing. It is marked with a measurement tool and has images of the doll wearing a handmade felt shirt made with this pattern. The pattern doesn't include darts or other shaping tools, as it's just a very basic shirt pattern for 28" dolls.

#FREE shirt pattern for 28-inch fashion #dolls, like the #Fashion Friend Barbie

It doesn’t get much simpler than this easy-to-sew felt shirt pattern. I’ve marked it with a one-flower difficulty symbol, indicating that it truly is for the absolute beginner. As this pattern is designed to be used with felt, it’s inexpensive to sew, and I think you’ll find that felt fabric can be very forgiving. If you’re wanting to teach someone how to sew–even a small … Continue reading #FREE shirt pattern for 28-inch fashion #dolls, like the #Fashion Friend Barbie

The image shows a close-up of the 28-inch Barbie doll from Mattel (also called Just Play or Fashion Friend dolls). is the watermark on the image, and under, it says, "free printable sewing patterns and tutorials." In fact, if you visit the website for Chelly Wood, you'll find dozens of free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes, including this easy-sew felt shirt for 28-inch Barbie dolls and more.

Free #sewing #patterns for 28-inch Barbie doll’s #felt shirt

Last week I gave you the pattern and an easy-to-follow DIY tutorial for making the shorts shown in the image above. This week I’m going to give you the free doll clothes pattern for sewing the felt shirt. I’ve taken a close-up photo (below), so you can see how very basic this shirt pattern is. Even those of you who are brand-new to sewing will … Continue reading Free #sewing #patterns for 28-inch Barbie doll’s #felt shirt

The image shows Mattel's "Just Play" best fashion friend barbie doll, which stands at 28 inches tall. She wears a hand-made pair of shorts with nautical-themed fabric print and a felt hand-made shirt. She's an African-American doll with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. The title header says, "28-inch doll shorts" and offers the URL, where you can find both the free printable sewing patterns for 28 inch dolls, but also the tutorial videos that show you step by step, how to sew each item of doll clothing. It's likely that these free 28 inch doll patterns not only fit Mattel's 28 inch Barbie, but they may also fit the Disney Descendants 28 inch dolls as well.

Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts

Yesterday I gave you the free pattern. Are you ready to sew these adorable shorts now? For your convenience, I’m re-posting the free, printable sewing pattern for these adorable nautical-themed 28-inch dolls’ shorts right here: Free printable sewing pattern for 28-inch dolls’ shorts These shorts are designed to¬†fit the 28-inch dolls like Mattel’s 28-inch Just Play Barbie (sometimes called Best Fashion Friend). I would also … Continue reading Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts

The image shows a free printable paper pattern for sewing a pair of shorts to fit a 28-inch doll like Mattel's 28-inch Just Play "best fashion friends" or "just my size" Barbie dolls. There are similar-sized dolls, like the Disney "Frozen" Elsa doll (38 inches tall). These shorts are designed to fit the 28-inch dolls specifically, and the free pattern also has a tutorial video showing you how to sew it. All patterns and videos are free through the website which appears on this pattern.

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Today I’m posting my free printable sewing pattern for shorts to fit the 28-inch dolls like Mattel’s 28-inch Just Play Barbie (also called Best Fashion Friend). Based only on the pictures, I would guess this pattern also fits the 28-inch “Descendents” dolls, which are available from WalMart. For your convenience, here’s a link to the shorts pattern in .jpg (easy to download) format: Free printable … Continue reading #crafty and free printable shorts #patterns for 28-inch #dolls @

The image shows a 28-inch super tall "Just Play" best fashion friend or "My Size" Barbie doll wearing hand-made shorts and an easy-to-sew felt shirt. The watermark on this image says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials." This is an African American oversized large Barbie doll, and she smiles at the camera as she seems to be walking along a sidewalk with a blue sky and fluffy clouds behind her. The website, offers lots of free sewing patterns for doll clothes, including patterns for this pair of summer shorts and easy-to-sew felt top for extra large Barbies.

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I’m under the impression that until now, there haven’t been very many patterns available for the 28-inch “Just Play” Best Fashion Friend Barbie and other my-size dolls in this extra-tall height category because I’ve received a lot of email requests for patterns to fit these (and similar) life-sized dolls. I waited for this beautiful 28-inch Mattel Barbie doll to be available on sale, and once … Continue reading 28-inch #Barbie/Fashion #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns are FREE @