Image of African American doll with natural afro hair under a cap. Doll is wearing medieval garb.

#WorldOfLove #Doll Clothes #Patterns and #Tutorial

I bet you’re wondering, “What are ‘World of Love’ dolls?” Well here’s a link to show you what the original dolls (from Hasbro) looked like. I’ve had folks ask me if these dolls have a similar size and body type as a Stacie doll. The quick answer is no. But will their patterns fit Stacie dolls? Some will, probably, but the pants I’m making this … Continue reading #WorldOfLove #Doll Clothes #Patterns and #Tutorial

Barbie doll dressed in a medieval maid's costume

This Week We’ll Be #Sewing a Pinafore for #Barbies

Just take a look at the adorable costume pictured here! Last week I posted the pattern and tutorial for the shift Barbie is wearing (the white dress under the pinafore), and this week I’ll be posting the pattern and tutorial for making the pinafore and the bonnet. I posted the apron pattern and tutorial quite some time ago, but check out the links. Continue reading This Week We’ll Be #Sewing a Pinafore for #Barbies