Image of tall Barbie wearing white jeans. Overlay says, "Sew pants for tall fashion dolls (includes free pattern)"

Sew Pants or Jeans for Tall #Barbie w/free #sewingPattern @

Here’s the tutorial I promised you! On Monday I gave you a preview of these jeans/pants; on Tuesday I offered a free, printable pattern for sewing them; today I’m showing you exactly how to sew the jeans/pants for your Tall Barbies™. Did you notice anything different in this video? I tried to create a storyline with my dolls, including a little bit of stop-motion activity. … Continue reading Sew Pants or Jeans for Tall #Barbie w/free #sewingPattern @

Image of Lammily's "Traveler" doll wearing long underwear, boots, and cape, and standing in a diorama with a bed and Japanese artwork on the wall. designed some #DollClothes for #Lammily

Have you heard of Lammily? It’s a company that was crowd funded a couple of years ago, in the hope that artist Nickolay Lamm could design a doll with a more natural-looking figure than Mattel’s Barbie. And the “Traveler” doll he designed is absolutely gorgeous! Her hair is a lovely chestnut brown with a silky-soft texture. She bends at the head/neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, … Continue reading designed some #DollClothes for #Lammily

Image of sewing mannequin with tape measure around it

Most Popular #Tutorial Videos for Making #DollClothes and #Miniatures @

I have some sort of exciting news to share with my followers on I’ve been hired by the Lammily LLC company to do some contract work, designing fashions for their very lovely “Traveler” doll! So for the month of December, I’ll be focusing on the Lammily company’s patterns. That means I’ll need a break from my usual creative adventures on Of course I’m … Continue reading Most Popular #Tutorial Videos for Making #DollClothes and #Miniatures @