18-inch (45 cm) Doll Clothes Patterns

The image shows the following 18 inch dolls wearing handmade doll clothes: (from left to right) the Kaya doll from American Girl, a Madame Alexander doll, Crissy doll, and BFC Ink doll (best friends club dolls). This image links visitors to pages that offer free doll clothes sewing patterns for each of the dolls pictured. The overlay offers the url of the doll clothing designer, ChellyWood.com, where you can find free, printable sewing patterns for these and many other dolls of different shapes and sizes.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Are you here to find FREE doll clothes patterns to fit one of the dolls pictured above? The links below will take you to a gallery of all available FREE patterns and tutorial videos for the doll for whom you’re sewing:

American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns

Madame Alexander Doll Clothes Patterns

Vintage Crissy and BFC Ink (Best Friends Club Ink) Doll Clothes Patterns

(Some of the doll clothes pictured in the image above are still on the drawing board or the patterns need to be updated. Please check back later to see if they have been posted yet.)