Free printable 8 inch or 9 inch doll clothes patterns 20 cm or 23 cm free pdf doll clothing sewing pattern Watermarked 2

The image shows a lineup of 8-inch and 9-inch dolls wearing hand-made doll clothes. Each of these patterns is now or will be soon available as a free printable downloadable pattern for 8-inch dolls and /or 9-inch dolls. The image shows the following dolls modeling the patterns: Bratz, Doc McStuffins, 1990's style Breyer Rider dolls, World of Love dolls (specifically "Soul"), a Dora the Explorer doll, Pepper doll (little sister of Tammy doll from Ideal), Mattel's Stacie doll (sometimes spelled Stacey or Stacy dolls), a MEGO doll / action figure from the Wizard of Oz collection of the 1970's, and a modern Breyer 8-inch Rider Figure doll. These dolls are modeling, floor-length pants, ankle pants, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, a long-sleeve shirt, and dresses of various styles. If you click on the link provided, it will take you to a directory of free patterns for 8-inch (20 cm) to 9-inch (23 cm) dolls.

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