Image shows a sewing pattern for a doll's sundress. Mattel's Skipper and Mattel's Petite Barbie (both Trademarked names) are shown wearing dresses made using the pattern. Overlay says "Chelly Wood Dot com: free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Here’s the free, printable sewing pattern that I promised you yesterday. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, this is a universal sundress pattern, so it will actually fit Skipper™, Tall Barbie™, Petite Barbie™, Curvy Barbie™, and probably nearly every fashion doll in the Barbie™ range (i.e. Dusty, Momoko™, Liv Dolls, etc.). Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial that shows you exactly how to sew this … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @


#MadeToMove #Barbie and #MomokoDoll shoe pattern is free @ #dolls

This free sewing pattern will fit a lot of different flat-footed dolls with smallerish feet, like Skipper™, Made-to-Move Barbie™, Tall Barbie™, Liv Dolls from SpinMaster™, and even Momoko Dolls™ (which means it also fits some Blythe™, Pullip™, and Obitsu™ BJD’s). I’m working on a similar pattern to fit my Lammily™ dolls, but I don’t have it perfected yet. Once I do, I’ll let you know. … Continue reading #MadeToMove #Barbie and #MomokoDoll shoe pattern is free @ #dolls

Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the video tutorial on this one, folks, as it was one of the earliest videos I made. It goes back a long way, but it is still one of my most popular videos on my YouTube channel, coming in at #9 among all of my doll clothes/ doll diorama DIY project tutorials. I actually have a whole series of … Continue reading Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

Sew a #summer sundress for #dolls w/ free pattern @ #craftshout

  I first posted this free pattern and tutorial just before Valentines Day, 2016. I’ve found this is a highly versatile pattern, so it fits many fashion dolls of different sizes. If you carefully position your snaps to suit the circumference of your doll’s chest, this pattern will fit Skipper™, Petite Barbie™, Blythe™/ Pullip™ /Momoko™ (in similar size ranges), Ever After High™ dolls, Liv dolls, … Continue reading Sew a #summer sundress for #dolls w/ free pattern @ #craftshout

Free pattern for sewing a #dolls #hairdresser smock and #apron at

Today I’m going to share my free, printable patterns and free tutorials for sewing these reversible smocks and aprons, so your fashion dolls will look trendy in their own doll hair salon! When I say “reversible,” what I mean is that you can turn your smock and apron inside-out to look like this: If you look closely, you can see that two different dolls are … Continue reading Free pattern for sewing a #dolls #hairdresser smock and #apron at

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image of Momoko Doll dressed in blue and gold Renaissance gown and veil, with her hands oustretched toward a Breyer model horse who wears a plaid blanket and blue harness. In the background is an iron gate which stands open, leading into a garden.

Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @

Here we see an image of Momoko™ (the doll from the Sekiguchi company) wearing the lovely blue and gold gown from yesterday’s photo of the four-poster bed. Momoko appears to be feeding a Breyer™ horse or touching its muzzle. I cast Momoko as Juliet in my dolling version of Romeo and Juliet, which is still in production. Of course I designed the dress Momoko™ wears in … Continue reading Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @