The image shows six of the tutorial videos featured on (although there are additional tutorial videos as well): the feather stitch, the whipped running stitch, the whip stitch, the couched filling stitch, the satin stitch, and the daisy stitch. Please visit for lots of great embroidery project ideas, tutorial videos, and free sewing patterns.

Embroidery Tutorials (Gallery)

My embroidery tutorials’ links from the main gallery page have been super wonky ever since I updated this website in 2019. I’ve been working to get the wrinkles worked out, and today I’m publishing an update to that gallery. If you need embroidery floss or miniature hoops, click on the links provided. These are affiliate links and help support our free pattern website. Thank you! Continue reading Embroidery Tutorials (Gallery)

For the directory of needle crafts, please click on the link in the caption. The image shows a number of different embroidery stitches including the herringbone stitch, the Algerian eye stitch, the detached chain stitch, and the blanket stitch, along with headers for helpful needle craft tutorials like one called "how to put fabric into an embroidery hoop."

Hand Embroidery and Hand Stitching Tutorials (Gallery)

I’m sorry this page looks a little bit messier than my other gallery pages. (Scroll down to see the gallery.) I think I’ve overloaded my WordPress theme with so many tutorials! But rest assured, my links do work. So if you’re here to find free tutorial videos for embroidery stitches, embroidery projects, or basic hand stitching techniques, you’ve come to the right place! In the … Continue reading Hand Embroidery and Hand Stitching Tutorials (Gallery)

The image shows the YouTube header for a quick fly stitch tutorial video. Go to for more quick and easy hand embroidery tutorials like this one.

How to Do a Fly Stitch by Hand… #Embroidery #HandEmbroidery #Scandinavian

Today’s tutorial video will be helpful if you’re going to make a traditional Swedish “pocket,” a type of decorated purse that dates back to the 1700’s in Sweden. The Swedish “pocket” purse is part of my Swedish traditional costume ensemble, a set of 18 inch doll clothes patterns which I’m converting from JPG format to PDFs, at the request of my followers. However for those … Continue reading How to Do a Fly Stitch by Hand… #Embroidery #HandEmbroidery #Scandinavian

Image shows the fabric of a doll's face inside an embroidery hoop, with a lovely blue eye on the doll's face. All around the eye, an embroiderer has used the satin stitch to sort of "paint" the eye, its eyelashes, and an eyebrow. The stitches are very delicate and lovely. Overlay says, "How to do the satin stitch" with a watermark of ""

How to Do a Satin Stitch (Hand Embroidery) for the Swedish Pocket Purse #Crafting #Embroidery #Dolls

As the tutorial’s title implies, this video demonstrates the use of the basic satin stitch using hand embroidery, which I used to create the little hearts on the Swedish pocket purse, an accessory that’s part of the Swedish traditional costume ensemble. Today’s video also demonstrates the surface satin stitch, which is very useful for creating a sort of “painted” look on a doll or soft … Continue reading How to Do a Satin Stitch (Hand Embroidery) for the Swedish Pocket Purse #Crafting #Embroidery #Dolls

Click on the link above for the tutorial video page. This image shows a lazy daisy embroidery project on a red felt background with a stem and leaf. The tutorial video is found at

How to Make a Daisy Stitch for your hand #Embroidery #Crafts and #HolidayCrafts

This stitch was super helpful when I was making the 18-inch doll neckerchief that I’m going to teach you how to make this week. Tomorrow I’ll post the free, printable pattern for the traditional Swedish neckerchief. Wednesday I’ll post the tutorial for making the neckerchief. The embroidered neckerchief project is the last of my Swedish traditional costume pattern series, which I’ve posted in anticipation of … Continue reading How to Make a Daisy Stitch for your hand #Embroidery #Crafts and #HolidayCrafts

The image shows a handmade pincushion in the shape of a Dutch windmill (like the old-fashioned ones found in the Netherlands). It has propellers, windows, a door, and it appears to have embroidered borders around various parts, like it's an embroidery sampler of some kind. The propellers are held on with a cloth-covered button. In the window boxes are tiny flowers. From roof to base, it's covered in colorful straight pins. The overlay says, "Windmill pin-cushion" and offers the URL where you can find patterns for other pin cushions and craft projects. All patterns on are free to print, using a creative commons attribution mark.

FREE Dutch windmill pincushion PDF sewing pattern with links to #embroidery #tutorials

I just love my little Dutch windmill pincushion! I use it all the time, so you’ve probably seen it in some of my videos. Until now, it was only available as a JPG image pattern, but today I’m converting it to the PDF format. Here you go! Free printable sewing pattern for making a Dutch Windmill pincushion This week’s free pattern is also available in … Continue reading FREE Dutch windmill pincushion PDF sewing pattern with links to #embroidery #tutorials

The image shows a 1:6 scale sash worn by an Ever After High doll (same size as a Monster High doll), and the sash has the following words embroidered on it: "Votes for Women." The overlay says, "DIY 1:6 scale suffrage sash" and the image also offers the URL of the website where you can find this easy-to-sew project for kids or grown-ups to make: (creative commons attribution mark is shown as well, which means you must tell people where you found this video tutorial).

In 2020 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the USA #suffrage #votes4women #embroidery

Today’s video tutorial will show you how to make a “Votes for Women” sash for your 1:6 scale dolls. The following additional tutorials will likely help you with this sewing and embroidery project: Couching stitch (embroidery) How to attach bias tape Whipstitch Backstitch How to sew snaps on fabric If you’re looking for a fun project that teaches a child or a beginning sewist how … Continue reading In 2020 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the USA #suffrage #votes4women #embroidery

Click on the link provided, to find the tutorial video. This image shows orange felt with a black whipstitch pattern across folded fabric. The overlay says, "How to hem a garment by hand, using the whip stitch. The video is found at

How to Whipstitch a Hem @ #embroidery #sewing #crafts

Occasionally people who are new to sewing ask me questions that are old-hat to those of us who are long-time sewists. One question I was recently asked is, “How do you hem a garment without a sewing machine?” I use the whipstitch to hem most of my garments. It’s a fairly easy stitch, and it creates a nearly invisible hem. Here’s how it’s done: This … Continue reading How to Whipstitch a Hem @ #embroidery #sewing #crafts

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and craft tutorials. This image shows a multi-colored couched filling stitch and offers the overlay of the website where this embroidery tutorial video can be found. The tutorial teaches the step-by-step embroidery lesson for the couched filling stitch. This is a hand embroidery tutorial video lesson, which is posted on YouTube for free.

#Embroidery: Couched Filling Stitch Hand Embroidery #Tutorial

I’m sort of backpedaling today. Last Christmas I created a pattern for an adorable windmill pincushion. I’ve never posted the pattern, but in order to make the windmill pincushion, I’ll also need to create tutorials showing how to make the various embroidery stitches I used for the windmill pincushion project. So in this video, you’ll see my adorable windmill pincushion. However that pattern isn’t available … Continue reading #Embroidery: Couched Filling Stitch Hand Embroidery #Tutorial

Image shows a little doll seated at her sewing machine. Behind her is a doll-sized ironing board. Her tiny, pale blue coffee cup sits at the ready near her sewing machine. The overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Helpful sewing tutorial video links for people learning to sew @ #HolidayGiftIdeas #SewingByHand

  My regular followers know that beneath each of my YouTube videos, there are links to a number of videos like this “How to Whipstitch” tutorial. These “basic stitchery” tutorials are designed to help you understand terms and concepts within each tutorial, like: How to sew snaps on fabric How to thread a needle How to sew by hand How to tie a knot when sewing … Continue reading Helpful sewing tutorial video links for people learning to sew @ #HolidayGiftIdeas #SewingByHand

The image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie modeling a hand-made shirt with cloth-covered tiny buttons. Each button is encompassed by a floss loop, all hand-made by the seamstress who blogs here, at

What can you do with mismatched miniature buttons? Try this trick…

Today I’m sharing an older tutorial for making a Curvy Barbie crop top with embroidery floss fringe. Back when I made this video, I used to film on the kitchen table, so you can actually hear my kids and husband in the background. (Sorry about the noise…) But there’s a gem at the end of this tutorial… I show you how to take a pile … Continue reading What can you do with mismatched miniature buttons? Try this trick…

The image shows a close-up of an arrowhead stitch in red embroidery floss on a blue-and-white gingham fabric. The overlay says, "Arrowhead stitch" and offers the URL, where the tutorial video is available for free. This tutorial video (also available on YouTube) shows how to do an arrowhead (or arrow head) stitch, using hand-embroidery methods. It's part of a bigger project: a windmill pincushion sampler. The pattern for the windmill pincushion sewing and embroidery sampler project is free to download at

How to Do the Arrowhead Stitch in Hand #Embroidery @ #DIY #Crafts

For a while now, I’ve been posting these little embroidery tutorials because they’re leading up to a windmill pincushion project that I’m planning to post the patterns for in November. If you haven’t seen my windmill pincushion yet, be sure to watch this video; it appears in there several times. The arrowhead stitch is relatively easy to make. It creates the pattern you often see … Continue reading How to Do the Arrowhead Stitch in Hand #Embroidery @ #DIY #Crafts