How to design a simple doll dress bodice w/Chelly Wood #dollclothes and #publishing


It was about this time last year when I first posted this video here on It demonstrates a super easy way to design a dress to fit any doll at all, regardless of her shape or size.

It’s a tutorial that gives you a brief taste of the methods I use for designing simple bodices, including how I designed the patterns we’re using for this week’s 4-inch to 5-inch doll dress.

Sewists — followers on this blog especially — seem to have a lot of questions about how doll clothes are designed, so I’ve created a book proposal for a book that teaches my followers how to design their own doll clothes. Today’s video tutorial gives you a little taste for the types of design methods that will be covered in my book (although the book will be written with much greater detail).

What I’d love to do is write a nonfiction book that connects simple geometry concepts to doll clothes design, and I’d love to write it for students in the middle-grade-to-high-school age range. That way the language of the book will remain simple for the lay person who is new to sewing, regardless of his/her age.

If you know anyone in the publishing business, and you’d like to see my book get published, please tell your acquaintance who’s in publishing, about this book proposal. Mention my website to him/her!

My literary agent is actively seeking a publisher right now, so any help we can get would be greatly appreciated.

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