#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a reversible diaper for baby #dolls w/free patterns!

Remember the green floral baby doll dress that we made two weeks ago? Well that free 12″ doll dress pattern included a reversible diaper, like the one we made for 8″ dolls earlier this week.

Here’s the tutorial video for the reversible baby doll diaper that fits 12-inch baby dolls (above).

Granted, not much is different from the reversible diaper project for 8-inch baby dolls, but it’s kind of neat to see the same garment made from a little different fabric.

Once again, here’s the free printable PDF pattern for the 12-inch baby doll dress and reversible diaper (the same one that’s shown in the video above):

Working with Velcro on a non-reversible diaper can be a little more difficult than you might think, but if you want to make this diaper one-sided, the video offers a helpful tip…

Instead of positioning your diaper like this while you apply the Velcro:

The image shows a handmade dolly diaper, which is reversible and uses Velcro flaps to close the diaper onto a 12-inch baby doll. The watermark tells where you can find both the free printable PDF pattern for this diaper and a free tutorial DIY video showing how to make the reversible doll diaper: ChellyWood.com
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Position it like this instead:

The image shows a doll diaper that uses Velcro to close the diaper flaps.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

With the diaper set up like it will sit on the doll’s behind, you will find it easier to remember which way to attach your Velcro.

Of course I learned this trick the hard way, by placing the Velcro on the wrong side of the flaps in one of my early prototypes for this week’s 12 inch baby doll diaper pattern! Ugh! 🤪

Tomorrow I’ll post these 12-inch baby doll patterns and tutorials together as a set, for easy access through my directories (which I’m still working on behind the scenes).

Before I go, I want to say thanks for helping to promote my free patterns and tutorials by freely sharing any/all images from this website on social media! My regular followers have been great about that, and I truly appreciate it!

12 thoughts on “#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a reversible diaper for baby #dolls w/free patterns!

    1. Yes, Starrcreative, I really wanted these play diapers to be reversible. It gives kids more ways to play. These (both in the 12-inch size and the 8-inch size) were designed to be given as gifts to small children, so creative play was important in the design.

      Thank you, again, for leaving a comment!

      1. I’m so with you on that. I did a Barbie dresser that was reversible and I thought the same thing – just more ways to play! I think the diapers are great and kids will really enjoy changing their dolls!

  1. Chelly,
    I will follow you for as long as you are here. I think you are so
    wonderful for doing what you are doing. You will get a Crown when you get to Heaven. You are one of GOD’s Angels. GOD Bless
    you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Chelly,
    I am looking for Doll Clothes Pattern for the 12″ Corolle Doll – Calin.
    Will your 12″ Doll Clothes Patterns , fit her?
    Thank you,

  3. Have you tried using the Velcro in the opposite way – soft sides on the flap and hooked sides on the long piece? Doesn’t the hooked Velcro on the outside catch on other fabric?

  4. Cuuute! And so incredibly versatile. I can imagine many different looks, just tweaking trims, fabrics. It’s literally been 30+ years since I’ve machine sewn, but recently got a faux Reborn doll for cuddly stress relief (most darling relaxation tool ever, like a woobie for adults!), so an outfit or two are needed. He’s 12″, 1 lb preterm preemie sized, so the available unisex or boy clothing options are incredibly expensive specialty infant clothes, and very few doll clothes options this size for a male doll. So, my sewing journey is about to resume… and I LOVE your lil diapers!

    I’m thinking since my goal is mini diaper pin diaper (no kidlets have access to doll, promise), I’m thinking I could simply leave off velcro and pin either side.

    And hoping I can lengthen the bodice pattern slightly, finish the edges, and turn it into lil tummy shirts that button up front or back for him.

    Crossing fingers this works! But either way, huge thanks. Even though I need to tweak a bit for my needs, I’m 100% sure that my chances of a decent result have just gone up drastically using your adorable pattern as base. I was not feeling confident at all about working out a pattern on the fly.

    Thank you!

    1. I love to hear the excitement in your voice! Yes, lengthening the bodice is an option, but if you do that, I recommend making it a bit wider too. Baby tummies are tricky. They can have an unexpectedly wide circumference!

      I’m currently creating a class for Creative Spark Online Learning Platform, in which I’ll be teaching people how to design doll pants, including baby doll pants and overalls. The class isn’t quite finished yet, but as you seem to have enough of a background in alteration, you’re exactly the right candidate for my course.

      Click here to see my page on the Creative Spark platform, and check back in a month or two, to see if the “How to Design Doll Pants” course is available yet!

      If you love crafts in general, you might want to sign up for the Creative Spark newsletter. Then you’ll hear about my class once it opens.

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