How to make #darts when designing an #EasySew #Felt #doll’s bodice


Today’s video tutorial is original and all-new! Yes, I’ve been on vacation, so I’ve sort of put my blog on back-burner for a while. But today I’m showing you something new and wonderful!

It’s a tutorial that gives you a brief taste of the methods I use for designing simple bodices, including how I design the darts.

Sewists — followers on this blog especially — seem to have a lot of questions about how doll clothes are designed, so I’ve been writing a book that records all these methods in common language. And for my vacation, I’ve traveled to a writers’ conference in Portland, where I hope to learn more about the world of publishing.

Want to follow my vacation online? If I have any sewing adventures to share during my trip to Portland, I’ll be posting them on my Instagram account.

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