Where can you buy #handmade #dollclothes for your #Lammily doll? Etsy!

As some of you know, I’ve designed some of the doll clothes patterns available at Lammily.com. These patterns are specially designed to fit the Lammily doll.

The story behind the Lammily doll company is amazing! To learn more about how this normal-body-style doll came to be, go to the Lammily website. If you’re looking for a doll to give a girl this Christmas, Lammily is the doll of choice because the doll was designed to help girls build a positive self-image. What a great gift to give someone: a doll that encourages a positive self-image!

You might worry that this doll needs specially-designed doll clothes to fit her, but don’t let that hinder you. My own patterns are available for sewing doll clothes to fit Lammily, but also there are lots of sewists offering handmade doll clothes to fit Lammily on Etsy.com.

One of those sewists is Jenny Leslie. Jenny approached me about a month ago, offering to do an interview for ChellyWood.com. Here’s the interview she provided me with:

hellonaturaldolls-on-etsy-interviewQuestion 1: Hi Jenny! Welcome to ChellyWood.com. I know you’re here to spread the word about your Etsy store and all that it offers, so let’s start there… Where can my followers find your Etsy store?

Answer: Yes of course. Here’s a link: www.etsy.com/au/shop/HelloNaturalDolls

Question 2: Do you have a website or Facebook page where people can find you? If so, what is it and where do we find it?
Answer: My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/HelloNaturalDolls/On this page I show my current and new projects, designs, works in progress, creative ideas, and related links I find.

Question 3: I see that you make doll clothes to fit Lammily. How did you first learn about the Lammily doll?
Answer: I first heard about the Lammily doll when a link appeared from a friend, on my Facebook page. I went to the official Lammily site, read the blogs, was very excited by the concept of a realistic shaped doll, and immediately signed up for newsletters. I was inspired by the whole concept and ordered a Lammily doll.
Question 4: Do any of the children in your family have a Lammily doll? And if so, do they enjoy playing with her?
Answer: My granddaughter is a bit young for Lammily, but I will be ordering more of them and keeping them aside for her. Mine is used as my model for outfits.
Question 5: Does your Lammily doll have a name? If so, what is it?
Answer: I couldn’t think of a suitable name for my Lammily girl, so she is still currently nameless, but my Lammily boy will be called ‘Tom’. He just looked like a Tom, and it’s my late father’s name, which I’ve always liked.
Question 6: Do you design your own doll clothes for Lammily, or do you use patterns? If you’re using patterns, where do you find your patterns?
Answer: I usually design my own patterns for Lammily, as she has such a unique shape. I sometimes adapt or modernise Ken or Barbie vintage patterns, which I have had since making Barbie clothes for my daughter. I have an obsession with collecting quality fabrics, and the fabric itself can spark ideas for an outfit.
Question 7: Would you recommend sewing for Lammily? Why or why not?
Answer: I would definitely recommend sewing for Lammily. While her shape is unique, it’s also natural, and I enjoy the challenge of making each outfit fit her well. Lammily dolls also represent positive role models, so the outfits need to reflect this concept as well as appeal to  children.
Question 8: What do you love best about your Lammily dolls?
Answer: I love the girls’ natural hair colour, style and feel, and subtle facial expression with little make up. Natural is beautiful!
Disclaimer: ChellyWood.com is not affiliated with Etsy or the interviewee. This interview is meant to provide an opportunity for crafters to advertise their products; however, interviews do not indicate endorsement of the products or services provided by the interviewee.

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