2 thoughts on “Free printable dress pattern for Barbie® and similar-sized fashion dolls

    1. I’m getting this question a lot, so I plan to make a tutorial video showing how to navigate this website. Hopefully that navigation tutorial video will post soon.

      This is how you navigate with the new directories:

      1. Click on the Home page or go to ChellyWood.com
      2. Click on the 11-inch doll size image in the gallery
      3. Click on the blue hyperlink below the image
      4. Click on the words “Modern Barbie and Made to Move Barbie”
      5. Click on the stars-and-stripes dress photo
      6. Click on the blue hyperlink below the image
      7. Click on the colorblock dress pattern

      If you need help printing, I have two different tutorials for that. You can find links to these tutorials on my “Tips and FAQ’s” page.

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