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YES! Now you can make your own shorts to fit your curvy doll! Whether it’s Curvy Barbie™, Lammily, Ideal’s vintage Tammy Doll, or another shapely gal, you’ve got everything you need–the pattern that I posted yesterday, plus this easy-to-follow tutorial–to create a summer wardrobe in many colors and fabric prints.

Other curvy doll patterns can be found on my new Gallery Page, where you can click on the image you like, and the caption beneath the image will take you to links for all patterns and tutorials that are needed for making that particular outfit.


If you’re wondering why I make patterns and tutorials without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations. Overall, I love to sew, design doll clothes, and embroider, and I think it’s important to share my talents with the world, so others can learn to do what I do.

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If you’re curious about the Lammily doll shown in this video, this website will tell you more about her, and this link will take you to Chelly’s patterns on the Lammily website.

2 thoughts on “Free #DollClothes patterns and tutorials @ #dolls #barbieDoll

  1. Thank you for this tutorial.
    This is confusing at 1:16. You say “Stitch left together” but show a picture of the right.
    The cloth is patterned so it is hard to see where the stitching should be, especially at the bottom hems.

    1. Hey, thank you for pointing this out. I most certainly DO have that backwards, don’t I? I’m going to add “re-do-Curvy-shorts-video” to my long to-do list, and hopefully by this summer I will get that video re-made with the correct instructions.

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