2Enchanting 2B True: DramaFever

I’ve discovered a new website that I think is 2Enchanting 2B True! It’s called DramaFever, and it offers Korean romantic comedies with English subtitles. I know you need to see some kind of a clip to decide whether or not DramaFever is 2Enchanting 2B True, so here’s a YouTube video I like a lot. It’s the top 10 Korean Drama kisses of 2013:

Look for more of this kind of yummy romance on DramaFever!

NOTE: If you’ve enjoyed my Korean drama posts, and you’d like to see more, I’ve started a new blog, dedicated entirely to Korean dramas. I’ll be reviewing dramas, offering movie ratings for them, and posting occasional bios of Hallyu stars. Visit dfreviews.com to see my Korean drama reviews.

4 thoughts on “2Enchanting 2B True: DramaFever

  1. I love dramafever. I watch a lot of dramas on there and also on viki.com. That video is a good one. I’ve seen it. It’s from Hallyuback. She’s an amazing kdrama and asian drama vlogger and also has a blog http://hallyuback.com/ She sometimes does live chats on her youtube channel which I would recommend you check out. Her thoughts on dramas have helped me a lot on figuring out what dramas are worth watching and which ones are not.


  2. Actually, I enjoyed creating April’s blog posts so much, I’ve decided to start a new blog, dedicated entirely to Drama Fever reviews. It’s called dfreviews.com (go check it out)!


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