Does my dog know when I’m on my period?

Does my dog know can my dog sense when I'm on my period?

Image: iClipart

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell. You know how they’re always peeing on trees? And then they go around later and sniff that same tree, right?

What they’re doing is determining who has been there. By smelling another dog’s urine, your dog can actually tell the gender of the dog who left the urine there. They can also tell how old the urine is–and many other factors–by smell alone.

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Their sniffers are incredible!

Unfortunately, this is also why dogs try to sniff around you whenever you’re on your period. Their noses are constantly determining things by analyzing smells. The’re probably checking to make sure you’re healthy!

But it does help to empty the garbage in your bathroom frequently. That way your dog won’t be dragging the remnants of your maxi pads all over the house. Ugh. Yuck!

Here’s a really neat video on YouTube that’s all about the science of dogs. It’s called “Dogs Decoded”. I watched it with my whole family, and we learned a lot about our dog.


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