About the Author

I’m Chelly Wood, and I write YA books. My novel, Sunkissed Sodas, is scheduled for release on Amazon and in bookstores in July of 2016. My agent is the lovely and professional Liz Kracht of Kimberley Cameron and Associates.

Photo of the Author Shelly Wood ChellywoodIf you love to read YA and you’d like to hear about my books when they’re published, or if you’re also a writer and want to rub elbows with other writers like me, consider connecting with me through one of these venues:

  • Twitter@ChellyWood1 — You can see all of my blog posts from every blog I’ve created.
  • FacebookChellyWood — This also shows my blog posts along with videos I create and stuff I like on YouTube.
  • Tumblrchellywoodauthor — This account shows my blog posts as well.
  • PinterestChelly Wood — I use some of my boards to inspire my writing. Others offer free patterns for doll clothes and tutorials for my doll-related hobbies.
  • FigmentChelly Wood — This critique site is suitable for teen writers.
  • YouTubeChelly Wood’s Channel — You can see the videos I’ve created, including my book trailers.
  • GoodreadsChelly Wood — Let’s discuss our favorite books!
  • Book Country:  Chelly Wood — This critique website is somehow affiliated with Penguin. I have an account there, but I don’t use it as much as Critique Circle.
  • Critique CircleEsparhawk — Yes, I have a different pseudonym on this critique exchange website. But this is my all-time favorite website for critique work. It’s possible to do line edits on this site, in addition to broad, overall critiques. I’m on this site nearly every day because I like my manuscripts to be very clean before I submit them to my agent.
  • NaNoWriMo: Chelly Wood — I’m mostly active on this website in November, which is National Novel Writers’ Month.
  • Google+: Chelly Wood — I’m happy to add new contacts to this account.

My Other Blogs

English Emporium — This website offers tips on comma use, capitalization rules, common spelling errors, sentence structure, poetry, and so much more! If you’re a writer, student, or English teacher, this is the site for you!

Secret Pal Teachers — Do you have a “Secret Santa” or “Office Pal” program where you work? On this website I offer ideas for your secret pal gifts. It’s especially geared toward teachers, but most of my posts would appeal to nearly anyone. During November and December, I post frequently.

Gluten-Free Kids’ Recipes — This is a recipe blog where I post my food concoctions. They’re often simple recipes for things people take for granted, like gravy, chicken soup, tuna melts, and ranch dressing. But when you’re on a special diet, it’s those easy-peasy things that you miss most. So if you know anybody who eats gluten-free and/or dairy free, please tell them about my site. They’ll be glad you did!

Korean Drama Reviews in English — Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I speak several languages. Right now, I’m learning Korean. And what I enjoy most about South Korea are the gorgeous, captivating, elegantly filmed dramas that come from that country. Whenever I finish watching a Korean Drama on Dramafever, I’ll review it in English, offering AMA-style movie ratings, snippets about the actors, and links to various places on the web where you can watch it.

Well, I hope I get to see everyone online!

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